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Managed Social Media

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The modern marketplace thrives on visibility, and few platforms offer as much potential as social media. However, effectively harnessing its power requires expertise, strategy, and continuous effort. At Top Captures, our Managed Social Media service is geared towards both personal and business branding, ensuring that you resonate with your audience in meaningful ways, cultivating loyalty, and expanding reach.

What will you get from this service?

With our Managed Social Media service, you will get:

  1. Strategy Development: Before diving in, we study your brand, objectives, and target audience to formulate a tailored social media strategy that aligns with your goals.
  2. Content Creation: From compelling visuals to engaging captions, our team crafts high-quality stories and posts that speak to your audience and promotes engagement.
  3. Consistent Posting: To maintain and grow your digital presence, consistency is key. We ensure regular postings in optimal time slots for maximum visibility and engagement, 1 post per business day.
  4. Engagement Management: It is not enough just to post. We actively engage with comments, messages, and mentions, fostering community and ensuring your audience feels heard.
  5. Performance Analytics: Using advanced tools, we provide monthly insights into the performance metrics of your profiles, helping to refine strategy and maximize ROI.


Dive into our FAQ section to find quick, clear answers to your most pressing questions about this service. From specifics about our process to understanding our deliverables, we’ve covered the essentials to help guide your decision-making process. With Top Captures, clarity is just a click away:

The frequency varies based on the customized strategy we develop for your brand. Typically, we aim for 3-5 times a week, but this can be adjusted based on specific goals and platforms.

Absolutely! While we manage the day-to-day, we work closely with our clients to ensure the content reflects the brand’s voice and values. Before posts go live, you will have the opportunity to review and provide feedback.

Negative feedback is inevitable but can be managed constructively. We will alert you to any negative comments or reviews and, based on your guidance, either respond diplomatically or take other appropriate actions.

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